Riding Instruction Program

We offer:

 a structured riding program for individual riders on a one on one basis for optimum results 

quality trained school horses chosen for the individual riders needs and skill level

the ability to advance on our various levels of school masters

Riders can begin at age 5 (4 under certain circumstances)

Teaching horsemanship skills to all ages that will last a lifetime, adhering to classical principles that balance and enrich the lives of both horse and rider.                                                                                             

We welcome all disciplines, ages of riders, and breeds, with or without your own horse!

Instruction Program on our horses:
All students learn proper grooming, leading, and how to tack the horse up in a manner that is respectful of the horse.  Students begin on the lunge line on our school horses for a rider assessment and to further develop a good seat and proper balance in the saddle to build confidence and teach the rider how to follow the horse’s movements.  Students ride in a Lauriche saddle “the Lexus of saddles,” which is  desingned for proper balance of the rider and proper fit for the horse to ensure a quality ride for both horse and rider.
Students also learn how to properly lunge a horse and work in-hand to develop a relationship on the ground and learn how to better understand and communicate with their partner.

We provide quality tack for our students to ensure their safety and provide a Lauriche saddle, which aids in the riders development of a balanced seat and proper equitation.

Students with their own horses: Tina’s goals are to assist the horse and rider to become more balanced and accomplish their goals:  first working on rider position, then teaching the rider how to communicate with their horse in a manner that makes sense to the horse.  Producing a happy, balanced horse and happy, balanced rider!

Here are the teachers we have currently at the farm:

DustStar 016 224x300 Riding Instruction Program

Love    dutch 025 300x224 Riding Instruction Program

Kashandutch 021 1024x682 Riding Instruction Program
Benicio 059 300x224 Riding Instruction Program

Pokie  005 300x224 Riding Instruction Program

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